Carol Byington, PhD

Director of Marketing

Dr. Byington is an environmental scientist with over 30 years of experience.  Her experience includes site assessments, site investigations and remediation.  She has conducted numerous environmental assessments and has provided project management and health and safety oversight on several federal, state and industrial remediation and abatement projects. 


Dr. Byington's experience includes directing both the technical and resource management aspects of projects.




Ph.D. Chemistry, the University of Tennessee, 1977.

B.S. Ed., Chemistry and Mathematics, Black Hills State University, 1970


Professional Experience


President, Ortho Contracting, LLC

2003 - present 


Under the umbrella of Ortho Contracting, Dr. Byington provides environmental contract administration and marketing support to emerging small businesses and environmental consulting services to industrial and governmental markets.


President, Seals Enterprises, Inc.



Dr. Byington is responsible for overall business development and project oversight for Seals Enterprises.  She directs staff in marketing, estimating, proposal and project plan preparation, and directs the deployment of resources to meet project needs.  She was the Program Manager for the remediation of an underground storage tank leak and the remediation of soils at a former secondary foundry contaminated with heavy metals.           



Director, St. Louis Operations, McCoy & McCoy, Inc.



As Director of the St. Louis Operations for McCoy & McCoy, Dr. Byington was responsible for all aspects of project management for environmental assessment, investigation and remediation projects.  She directed staff in the preparation and execution of project plans, quality assurance program plans, health and safety plans and project reports.


She served as a technical and contracts advisor for the remediation of soils with low-level    radiological contamination.  Dr. Byington was the lead investigator and author of the Hazardous Materials Assessment and Hazardous Materials Mitigation   Plan prepared for the 26-mile extension of the St. Louis MetroLink into St. Clair County, Illinois.  She also provided   oversight on several underground storage tank (UST) removals, leaking underground storage tank (LUST) assessments and remediations, and soil remediation efforts.


Business Unit Manager, Field Services and Emergency Response, REACT Environmental Engineers, Inc.



Dr. Byington directed the marketing and operational activities of a business unit involved in remedial investigations, design and implementation.  She was also responsible for directing the emergency response activities of the firm, including implementation of quality assurance/quality control plans and health and safety plans.


She served as the project principal on the remediation of PCB contamination around a transformer pad as well as on former sand greens of a golf course.


Dr. Byington gained extensive experience on lead and lead-based paint programs, having served as a project manager for development of an independent remedial cost estimate and critique of the Record of Decision for a Superfund site involving lead remediation; served as project principal for environmental assessments of residential properties surrounding a lead smelter, as program manager for pilot programs regarding the testing of residential properties for lead-based paint contamination and recontamination; developed a seminar on the impact of environmental lead on residential lending institutions; and served as a quality assurance coordinator for the asbestos and lead-based paint surveys of housing units for the St. Louis Housing Authority.


Independent Consultant



Dr. Byington developed record retention policies and operating procedures for the corporate and domestic operations of a chemical manufacturing and distributing company, revised the corporate Hazard Communication Plan for a chemical company involved in the manufacture, distribution and field application of oil-field additives. She also prepared an environmental manual for sales and field personnel summarizing regulations and illustrating the effects of each on the operations of the oil-field additives company. Dr. Byington was also involved in several program audits and the development of several sampling, analysis and QA/QC protocols for environmental investigations and treatability studies.


During this period of time, Dr. Byington also performed audited USEPA sampling teams during alternative-fuel trial burns at a cement kiln; developed a Chemical Hygiene Plan for the laboratory operations of a lead smelter; developed training programs for a volunteer fire department; and performed technical review of metal speciation and soil analysis protocols for lead contamination from mine tailing and primary smelter emissions.




Dr. Byington's experience prior to 1990 included operational management of environmental consulting and laboratory companies, where she oversaw several site investigation programs for governmental and industrial clients.


Licenses and Certifications


             USACE, Construction Quality Management for Contractors