Dale Hinkens

Chairman and CEO

ADVANCED ALGAE Chairman / Chief Executive Officer
Los Angeles Harbor College Foundation, Director

Mr. Hinkens founded, built and operated businesses that develop intellectual property, solve problems, and provide creative solutions to market opportunities. The businesses that he founded have all incorporated innovative technologies, including: laser and water jet cutting systems, robotic cranes, CNC programming, automated emission and waterborne pollution scrubbing systems and soil remediation solutions. Mr. Hinkens currently administrates ADVANCED ALGAE driving those companies and their subsidiaries towards becoming recognized name brands in their respective industries.

Mr. Hinkens is the developer of the APAR (automated photosynthetic algae reactor), and continues to work with talented ADVANCED ALGAE to implement the continued development and commercialization of new, innovative technologies created by ADVANCED ALGAE.


B.S., MERU University, Switzerland

Since the founding of Advanced Algae in 2007 Mr. Hinkens has aggressively pursued the development of commercially scaled algae growing systems that are ideal for the consumption of air emissions and waterborne pollutants.