Dan Hirsh

VP of Business Development

Dan Hirsch has over 17 years experience specializing in creating and implementing new products, businesses and revenue enhancing programs. He has been instrumental in the success of businesses in numerous industries including clean technology, healthcare, travel, biotechnology, digital media, and information technology. Specialties include developing new products, building new consumer segments and implementing new sales programs and partnerships. Dan has completed over $1B over transactions and successfully launched over 50 new products.
Dan started his career as a lawyer at McKenna and Cuneo. Later he went into investment banking as Senior Vice President of Operations and General Counsel for MASA, Inc. where he evaluated and completed over $200MM of equity investments. Dan received his J.D., magna cum laude, from Boston University and his B.A. in Economics with Honors from U.C.S.D.

Dan is currently working with a leading edge healthcare company, Nature By Proxy, as a Board member and President. Nature by Proxy is an innovative biotechnology development company that has developed a transdermal delivery system enabling macro molecules, such as Hyaluronan, to pass through the skin in topical solutions as an alternative to injection. Dan is also working with Nextvisiontv, where he has developed a revolutionary new product for the cable industry that enables deployed set top boxes to support a robust IPTV experience. He serves on the Board of Directors of Advanced Algae, a greenhouse gas remediation company pioneering new environmental technologies that convert greenhouse gases into clean energy for medium-sized stationary source emitters which the State of California’s PorTech LA identified Advanced Algae Inc. as “The Most Innovative Clean Technology” company and has sponsored, along with the California Energy Commission, a major test to validate the technology as the Best Available Control Technology for compliance with California’s greenhouse gas emission caps.

Dan has also worked as a senior consultant to Affinity Group, where he developed deep consumer insights to launch new products that ultimately resulted in the sale of the company. He also worked as a senior consultant to healthcare company, American Laser Centers, a 200-clinic cosmetic medicine company, where he fully revised the franchise’s acquisition marketing program primarily by leveraging digital marketing tools and co-marketing partnerships – his strategies reduced the cost per sale by 20% in only four months. He retrained the company’s sales and operating groups to implement a streamlined new product launch process that successfully rolled out new injectable cosmetic services in 51 clinics in under four months.

Dan has also worked as President for the environmental company, Fairfax Companies, where he repositioned the landfill and waste company around clean disposal and waste diversion yielding a major 10 year contract with Pepsi to supply biofuel to their Frito Lay operations.

Prior to his consulting career, Dan spent five years in senior executive roles at America Online and Time Warner. Functions included General Manager of AOL’s communities, finance, autos, travel, health, and women’s businesses where he developed new products and businesses that combined lifestyle content, community interaction, and lead generation tools to drive incremental revenues.

Dan was recruited by AOL’s founder, Steve Case, CEO of Revolution Health, to become Head of Business Development and Corporate Strategy for Miraval Resorts, a top-rated resort and award-winning health and wellness organization. He was tasked with developing brand expansion initiatives including new product partnerships, locations and online experiences that served the unique health and wellness community served by Miraval.