Advanced Algae, Inc. Earns “Most Innovative Technology”

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New Company is Latest to Join Forces with PortTechLA as Resident Client
SAN PEDRO, Calif. - Oct. 5, 2010 - Advanced Algae, Inc., winner of the Most Innovative Technology Award at the recent PortTechExpo and Venture Conference, is the latest company to sign with PortTechLA as a resident client of the program.

Judged the most innovative technology on display from almost two dozen competitors at the recent PortTech Expo, Advanced Algae's APAR (Automated Photosynthetic Algae Reactor) is unique in its field. Chief Executive Officer Dale Hinkens explains that the gravity-fed APAR optimizes sunlight, nutrient flow, residency time, and oxygen release so that it maintains a consistent algae bloom for maximum CO2 and NOx consumption.  At the same time it is cost efficient, with a closed loop design that maintains algae purity.

The APAR produces high BTU oil for the production of fuels including agricultural diesel, road diesel and even jet fuel (JP8).  Raw, unprocessed algae oil can also be used as fuel for burners and kilns, while the algae slurry can be used as fuel for dairy digesters and as an excellent fertilizer for farms and vineyards. In addition, the algae biomass can be used for pharmaceutical and nutriceutical applications.

"Our goal at PortTechLA is to work with companies like Advanced Algae and propel them forward in the market," said PortTechLA Executive Director Jeff Milanette. "We can accelerate companies with sales, and incubate those that need more time to develop their business model. Advanced Algae is a great fit for us because it demonstrates the "value-added" by locating with PortTechLA and taking advantage of our market reach.

Advanced  Algae will maintain an office presence at PortTechLA while seeking additional financing and expanding its market. The company is less than a year old but has already garnered research and development contracts, initial sales, and a group of supportive investors.

More information about Advanced Algae can be obtained at their website (http://, or by contacting CEO Dale Hinkens at 310-780-9473.

PortTechLA is a clean technology transfer, incubation and commercialization organization sponsored by the Port of Los Angeles as well as the San Pedro and Wilmington chambers of commerce. PortTechLA welcomes inquiries via its website  (, or by calling Milanette at 1-310-832-0028.