Fiscalini Farms chooses Advanced Algae's APAR Technology for emissions reduction

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Fiscalini Contract Awarded To Advanced Algae, Inc.

Modesto, California.  On March 9, 2011 University Scientists, Air District personnel and Technology vendors gathered at Fiscalini Farm / Dairy / Cheese to launch a permitted test project to determine (BACT) Best Available Control Technology for Agricultural Methane Emissions. 

Methane burning IC Engine modifications and an Advanced Algae facility to consume remaining NOx and CO2 emissions will be tested for the purpose of finding an approved methodology for reduction of emissions to acceptable levels for agricultural methane burning power plants.

Advanced Algae's APAR cell technology has been chosen to demonstrate that algae consumes emissions while also creating valuable cattle feed supplements and protein rich digestate for anaerobic digesters.  APAR Technology provides new profit centers for dairies by utilizing methane IC engine emissions for algae growth.
The Fiscalini Project is funded by the (CEC) with in kind financial contributions from Fiscalini Farms and Advanced Algae.