Randall C. Krinker

Senior Scientist

Proven ability to convert R & D opportunities into real-world problem solving and commercially viable application. Recognized expertise in synthetic fluid technology and formulation of industrial lubricants. Highly respected professional with an extensive record of successful product development, applying a broad knowledge of the behavior of materials to an understanding of customer needs outside the laboratory. Strong analytical skills, coupled with adaptability and flexibility in adjusting to market and industry transition.


2008-Present Advanced Algae, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Senior Scientist
-Responsible for design, component specification, instrumentation,
and automation of the APAR closed system photosynthetic bioreactor.
Application of co-technologies for enabling the application of APAR systems to effective consumption of air & water pollutants.

2002-2008 BP / Industrial Lubricants & Services, Naperville, Illinois
Senior Chemist

-Responsible for formulation, technology platform development, and support for ILS industrial lubricants product offer.Technical responsibility for offer development group securing national contracts for lubrication of engineered wood presses, gypsum board ovens, fiberglass curing ovens, beverage can decorating lines.
Developed cost-competitive refrigeration lubes successful in mobile and consumer AC compressors.
Preserved continuity of finished goods availability and supply chain integrity in an unstable market for critical raw materials.

Developed a high performance / low friction technology platform for petroleum and synthetic based grease and lube oils.


1995-2002 Castrol Industrial Americas, Downers Grove, Illinois

Senior Synthetic Chemist
-Responsible for formulation and technical support of high performance synthetic and synthetic blend lubricants tailored to specialized requirements, suitable for application in wide temperature environments.
Developed commercially successful products applicable to fiberglass and gypsum board ovens, textile and carton finishing lines, BOPP plastic film stretching, engineered wood product manufacture, wide temperature gearboxes, air compressors, and automotive chain & conveyor systems.
Assumed responsibility for formulation and technical support of the synthetics product line for Castrol acquisitions Optimol and Lubecon.

Acquired experience in synthetic materials suitable for use in intermediate to deep vacuum environments relevant to semiconductor manufacture and aerospace, applying perfluorinated fluids and specialty synthetic hydrocarbons.

1990-1995 Tribol, Hawthorne, California

Synthetic Chemist
-Responsible for formulation and development of synthetic & synthetic blend fluid lubricants.
Developed skills and knowledge base in properties and applications of synthetic hydrocarbons, esters, glycols, mineral basestocks, and appropriate additivation for wide temperature applications.

Excelled in optimization of performance critical to high temperature lubes, including thermo-oxidative stability, volatility control, and residue minimization.Effective in troubleshooting and relevant technical support to field service personnel.

1985.1989 Analytical Chemist
Developed skills in analysis / evaluation of industrial lubricants with competencies in emission spectrometry, FTIR, and ferrography.

Acquired expertise in characterization and assessment of new and used lubricants, competitive products, basestocks, additives, grease thickeners, wear metals, and contaminants.


B.S. in Chemistry, Carroll College, Waukesha, Wisconsin


Inventor/co-inventor on four international patents